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Casting JonBenet (2017)

Casting JonBenet

Duration: 1:45:23

Description:Documentary that narrates the case of more sensational murder of children of the last times. The death of JonBenet, the 6-year-old American girl who participated in beauty contests, has generated years of media speculation and global fascination. The film examines the macabre legacy left by this little star.

I am Jane Doe (2017)

I am Jane Doe (2017)

Duration: 1:54:55

Description:Documentary that tells the real cases of young Americans turned into sex slaves through the section of ads by words of the classifieds of the well-known newspaper Village Voice. Narrated by actress Jessica Chastain.

Death by Misadventure: The Mysterious Life of Bruce Lee

Death by Misadventure The Mysterious

Duration : 1:31:02
Description : The truth behind the mysterious death of Bruce Lee is exposed in this documentary that includes accounts by people who were present at the time of Lee’s premature death. Features never-before-seen exclusive footage of Bruce Lee.